Mission and Things
Mission and Things
  • Mission and Things


    Mission Critical Communications and Internet of Things working together

    The Challenge


    M&T is a company based in Spain and proposes the creation of an ecosystem, as a subset of a larger one, linking the Mission Critical type of Communications Networks for State Security Forces and Emergency Organizations to the needs of primary and chronic patients living in remote and rural areas, monitored remotely with sensors communicated with the networks and in general all people in need of remote assistance in these areas. This requires the interconnection of standard Mission Critical (MCPTT) 3GPP technologies and e-Health environments with standard IoT technologies, in order to be able to bring help in emergencies and disasters in a very fast, controlled and efficient way. 



    The society of the future will require telecommunications networks and services that should be adapted to their needs. This implies the necessity to create intelligent ecosystems that could be adapted dynamically depending on the circumstances and factors of healthcare, demographic, climatic, social and environmental contingencies. To do this, we must begin creating adaptive ecosystems and technologies that are related to each other with the aim of achieving this goal in a simple and effective way.

    Our experience


    The experience in the last 30 years in Radio and Trunking Networks (TETRA, Tetrapol, PoC, MPT-1327, PMR) and IT Service Management, FTTH, Quality of Service, OMA standard, Internet of Things for eHealth, 3GPP Networks is the key to reach a new challenge: to build a new ecosystem in Mission Critical Communications with all partners involved to have the best radiocommunications for Security Forces, Polices, Military forces, Home Offices, and all kind of emergency agencies. The future of communications is coming. There are no limits to imagine how to make it.


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